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Our Mission

We decided to go with a dual entity structure to accomplish much more with social impact. The benefit corporation allows for traditional funding, accounting, and management for the development of the technology.

Recognizing that this is a very ambitious project we setup a research institute make sure that all development was scientifically backed by the latest research and ethics on self-tracking, quantified-self, artificial intelligence, and other topics.

Self Innovations, Inc.

  • Benefit Corporation
  • B Corp Pending
  • Design, Development, and Data Teams.
  • Owns Intellectual Property
  • Developing a new type of blockchain electronic medical record

The Self Research Institute

  • 501c3 Pending
  • Scientific Research Institute
  • Aggregating Self-tracking research for two years
  • Team of Researchers

Inclusivity and Accessibility

Vision Problems – We have created an entire interface for people with color and vision problems. This allows people who have some eyesight but certain limitations to easily and comfortably use the app. All screens are AAA certified under WCAG 2.0

Deafness – Most people do not understand that around 50% of persons who are deaf have a 4th grade education or difficulty reading. Our team has worked to provide a high quality ASL video translation for every screen allowing the Deaf community to fight the spread of COVID19 and protect themselves.

Self Data Control

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Color Blind Version

Creation of “SELF Profile”

We took that information from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a jumping off point to create a completely new form of technology that helps individuals improve their quality of life. 

All data is owned by the individual and managed by them. It allows for security, privacy, and elective collaboration.


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